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The S.P.A.R.K.S. Group participates in and accepts a variety of insurance plans. We also accept private pay clients.  Please either email us at [email protected] or call us at 240-297-3550 to discuss the various options available.

Initial home Consultation

The initial home consultation is an important part of the process of setting up your child's ABA or SLP program. During this consultation, we will come to your home to conduct an initial intake interview, interact with and observe your child, review relevant data and give an overview of what The S.P.A.R.K.S Group has to offer.  At this meeting, we will gladly answer any remaining questions you may have and begin the all-important process of building a rapport with your child.


Comprehensive Training

Because consistency is crucial to the success of any early intervention program, it is our philosophy that everyone who works with one of our clients should have at least a basic understanding of what is going on in his or her home program.  To that end, we can provide training for therapists, nannies, family members and anyone else who will be working with or spending a lot of time with your child.  This training will include an overview of the particular interventions being employed, specific techniques utilized in each skill area and ways to handle and/or extinguish self-stimulatory, self-injurious or other problem behaviors that surface along the way.


Skills Assessment

Establishing current levels of performance is crucial to program development and initial implementation, as it identifies current level of functioning in each skill level.  Assessment data also acts as a baseline to be used in determining early program performance.  Following the assessment, you will receive a written report.


Reinforcer Assessment

Keeping the level of reinforcement high is crucial to the therapist/child relationship as well as to the success of the program.  Some parents find it difficult to say what is most reinforcing to their child, especially early on in the intervention process. In order to help you determine what is most reinforcing to your child, we can perform a reinforcer assessment.  After the assesment you will receive a written report detailing the findings and recommendations for development of and individualized reinforcement hierarchy.  Of course, a less formal way to do this is to use training time to work on this as well.


Program Development/Initial Implementation

We will use all available data and assessments, as well as other ancedotal information to develop a program tailored specifically to your child's needs.  During the initial implementation, there will likely be a period of adjustment during which time your child and therapists will become accustomed to the work and build a relationship of fun and trust.  The experience of the team members will be a great deal of help to all concerned during this time.  Of course, planning and development are continual processes throughout the life of any ABA or SLP program.


Program Supervision

Proper supervision of the home program enables it to run at peak efficiencey, ensuring that no time is wasted-which is extremely important in the field of early intervention.  This is why one of the consultant's key functions is supervisory in nature.  He or she must ensure that individual programs are being implemented as intended, that appropriate materials and instructional methods are being utilized, and must be made aware of and step in to resolve and unforseen problems that arise.


Program Tracking

We recommend that parents spend time tracking and analyzing the progress of their child's program in order to be fully informed and involved: however, some simply do not have the time and/or analytical skills to do this.  For those clients we offer the service of tracking the data from your child's program and reporting on the data obtained by your therapists.  You simply fax or email us your data sheets and we will do the rest.


Potty Teaching

Potty training can be a very difficult and stressful part of raising a child on the Autism Spectrum, but members of our staff have had a great deal of success potty teaching children at various levels of functioning.  They use time-tested behaviorally based procedures, and are available for extended periods of time to work with your child.  They also train you and any caregivers you have in their methods so that the process is as quick and stress free as possible for all concerned.


Email/Telephone Consultations

We understand that there are high costs associated with helping your child recover from autism.  As such, we offer telephone and email contact with your consultant billed in fifteen minute increments to serve the dual purpose of having greater availability of our attention and saving you money when you only need a little of our time and expertise.


School Shadow Training

Shadowing can be a very important element of programming because it helps to ensure that skills learned in one enviroment are generalized and carried ober into others.  As such, we will train one or more of your team members to implement home program strategies in the school enviroment.  Training in the proper prompting and prompt fading techniques is very important in order for your child to reap maximum benefit from presence of the shadow.


Play Date Facilitation & Training

Social opportunities such as structured play dates are extremely important for children with ASDs because they ultimately teach the child how to fit in and have fun with other children.  It is also true; however, that by simply placing children with ASDs in proximity with other children they are not likely to make progress.  For this reason, we employ proven techniques designed to teach behaviors which are likely to result in social play and emotional development.  Of course, your consultant can conduct play dates at your request, and they can train your therapists, nanny, etc. how to do this as well.


School Observations

Members of our staff can, at you request and in accordance with school policies, perform observations of your child in the school enviroment.  Observations can be helpful in a number of ways such as obtaining the level of generalization of targets mastered at home, ascertaining the need for additional intervention in the school enivronment, obtaining information regarding your child's level of functioning at school and in providing us with information that we can use to be of help to you in the IEP process.  Observations will result in written reports that can be used for a variety of purposes.


IFSP/IEP Development/Attendance

Your consultant can offer advice in all areas of IFSP/IEP development including accommodations and modifications, wording of goals and objectives, breaking down criteria so that the goals are measurable, and prioritizing what you request through the school system to maximize the benefit to your child.


Functional Behavior Assessment/Behavior Intervention Plan

A consultant can help you determine the antecedents (or causes) of your child's behavior and develop strategies to better assist you in behavior management.  Consultants will observe and take data on target behaviors as well as review data taken by parents to identify triggers of behavior, develop prevalence strategies and determine appropriate consequences to decrease the prevalence of target behaviors.  The process may involve a school or child care observation in addition to the home observation if requested by the parent.

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